Chartered Management Institute Certification 



Within my programme of Continuous Professional Development I offer the Introductory Awards of the Chartered Management Institute in the United Kingdom.

The Institute is perhaps unique amongst British professional institutions and therefore highly attractive as an awarding body of meaningful management qualifications.  These attributes may be summarised as follows:

  • The Royal Charter, granted by the sovereign advise of the Privy Council on 12th February 2002, provides a historical context dating back to the 13th Century.  This is a guarantee of probity of the Institute’s awards.
  • The Institute has a record of over 60 years of continuous activity for and on behalf of practicing managers.
  • Throughout this time, the Institute has been continually involved in education and training – the first Diploma in Management Studies having been introduced by the BIM in 1951.
  •  The emphasis placed by the Institute on continuing professional development ensures that managers working within the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice required of the Institute’s members, always have an up to date management “tool-kit” available to them in their daily work.

The most popular course offered is the Introductory Executive Diploma in Management:

Course Overview

This qualification provides an introduction to the Chartered Management Institute’s Level 7 Executive Diploma in Management.  It is intended for people who are considering a move into a senior management role or those who are new to such a role.

Course Aims

To help you learn, as a senior manager or aspiring senior manager, about:

• planning your personal development

• Management Information Systems concepts

• managing business challenges

• marketing management

• managing operations

• managing finances

• managing human resources and performance

Course Assessment

You will be assessed by means of an assignment set and marked by the Institute.

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