Customer Satisfaction

An initial Explanatory Workshop will demonstrate the importance of Customer Satisfaction to both management and employees.  On this foundation we can build an Action Research project that will bring focus to problem areas that are currently stopping your customer from experiencing satisfaction with the products or services being provided.

Clients will be interviewed and a picture of their Customer Satisfaction level will be built up.  An idea of what they actually want when they buy the type of products that you deliver will be established through an Action Research methodology specifically crafted for each assignment.

Then, a change process will be implemented by your organisation's own members to rectify anything that is not pleasing the customers.

I discuss the immutable rules for customer satisfaction in this associated article. 

Key Benefits
     Improve the value you deliver to your customer 
     Raise the degree of customer loyalty shown towards your company 
     As a result, the profitability to your firm of servicing each customer will improve


Capability 1 
I have worked on Customer Satisfaction projects in a variety of B2B environments 
Capability 2 
I continually update my Action Research methodology in the light of current best practice   
Capability 3
I have a thorough knowledge of the underlying academic theory in the field

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