The changes in Central and Eastern Europe have been ongoing now for almost 20 years.  The expansion of the European Union to include Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic as well as the Baltic States of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia that have given new impetus to business in the region.

Today, the focus of change has moved to the countries of South Eastern Europe.  I fully expect Macedonia to join the European Union in the forseeable future and I am equally optimistic about the prospects for business in Kosovo. 

However, we still can fall into the trap of outdated stereotypes whilst not fully being aware of what has happened to change the region.

I discuss Globalisation and its effects on Central and Eastern Europe.

I discuss the problems of an ageing workforce in Central and Eastern Europe.

CEE and SEE today is not: 

   Central and Eastern Europe Central and Eastern Europe Central and Eastern Europe

But rather: 

Central and Eastern Europe

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