Continuous Professional Development

The process of learning within a continuous professional development framework is flexible for any individual.  The main requirement is that the practitioner first recognises the need to stay abreast of progress and thinking in her professional field and then acts to attain and maintain this level of knowledge.

The move towards the acquisition of current knowledge and understanding is aimed at changing one’s own professional practice in such a way that the benefits of the acquired learning are evident in the real world solutions that the practitioner delivers through his work.


The practitioner can set the objectives of the learning for themselves or may undertake some form of guided programme if one is available in their field.


My own preference is to approach the process of continuous professional development by “reflection on practice” which encourages an iterative process of identifying gaps in knowledge, filling them, integrating the solutions into my daily work and then moving on to identify further areas where my skills can be improved.  The key to what is sometimes known as reflective learning is the way in which the learning process is always linked to cycles of thought followed by action.


Good continuous professional development practice calls for the keeping of a learning diary as a means of recording thoughts, reflections, learning and actions.

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