Internet Marketing

The approach that I take to Internet Marketing is significantly deeper than just a trawl through Keyword Positioning methods for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) routines.

Internet Marketing is, these days, a big word.  For me and my clients its aims include:

Key Benefits
Convert website traffic into business through astute application of Internet Marketing techniques
Improve the ROI on your investment in Internet Marketing
Open a whole new area of marketing activity that will help grow your business and improve your ROI 


Capability 1
I can ensure that the aims of an Internet Marketing strategy match the style and content of your website.
Capability 2
The Internet Marketing strategy will be backed up by an Internet Business Plan that will clearly state the "bottom line" in terms of ROI.
Capability 3
At the end of the day, a website should not cost the client anything - it should be a wealth creating resource.

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