Key Account Management

Real life Key Account Management processes must be customer-focused and there must be a commitment from senior management.

As a means of giving depth to a long-term Customer Satisfaction process, Key Account Management ensures that you understand who your key customers are and that you build processes around them that will, over time, turn them into loyal disciples of your company.

In the following pages I outline some issues about the implementation of Key Account Management and try to move towards a practical discussion of "how to".

Key Account Management - Some Common Concerns

There are three other conditions that underpin a successful KAM process:

Three Conditions for Key Account Management Success
     The traditional view of the buyer/seller relationship has to be replaced with a strong focus on customer problem resolution.
     Involvement with the customer must be "real" and not a pretence.
     As you manage the key account you must ensure the new process encompasses total supply chain management.


Capability 1 
I have used KAM to transform the organisational processes of companies in several industries and countries
Capability 2 
KAM processes are ideal for the application of the Action Research methodology in which I specialise  
Capability 3
Underpinning my practical experience of KAM is the theoretical knowledge that I acquired whilst completing a doctorate in the field at a British University

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