Internet Marketing Theory

The Internet represents a phenomenal opportunity to stay in regular contact with both your company's prospect and customer base.  Internet Marketing is a tool that allows you to stay "top of mind" with them and remind them of why doing business with you is such a rewarding experience.  Regular contact through e-mail alerts, newsletters and announcements of the latest innovations pave the way to lasting commercial relationships and are essential elements in any Internet Marketing strategy that I put together.

Follow these links to see further underpinning of Internet Marketing and how it relates to Customer Satisfaction and Key Account Management in B2B:

Customer relationship building on the Internet in B2B marketing

However, it is not enough just to have a website - you have to know why it is there for it to work!  What do you want to gain from being on the web?  Can you quantify the objectives that you have for your web site?  An Internet Marketing strategy should express your aims in terms of ROI!

Below is an Internet Marketing model (Tjostheim, I. & Aanonsen K.) adopted by the Norwegian Tourist Industry that outlines how a good strategy can translate into bottom line ROI. 

Internet Marketing Strategic Plan

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